Breast Cancer Biomarkers and Functional Mediators - Harnessing The New Wealth of Omic Data

A Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Program

Overview and Objective

Breast Cancer CellBreast cancer is a disease that presents great emotional, social, economical and clinical problems world-wide. There is a crucial need to develop more targeted therapies and marker systems for breast cancer. The work activities of this consortium is hoped to have a significant impact on the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics for breast cancer. The consortium comprises of academic and industry partners.

The programme aims to contribute to the identification of novel marker systems for predicting the progression and therapeutic response of human breast tumours, as well as the identification of new pathways for preventing disease progression and treatment resistance. The focus will be on training seven experienced researchers to an advanced level in an integrated framework of computational and experimental biology (transcriptomic and bioinformatic analysis, tissue microarray and RNA interference technologies). To achieve this, a concerted collaborative effort is employed between key academic and industrial partners, each of which has specialist expertise to acquire and contribute.

Work Packages

Programme activities have been split into 2 main areas:

  • Integration of datasets and clinical resources relating to breast cancer

The first goal is to harness post-genomic data obtained from in-house and publicly available datasets relating to cancer, with a particular focus on transcriptomic and proteomic data. In addition, we aim to provide cohesion with respect to the various clinical resources that are available to the consortium. In particular, we will concentrate on the application of TMA technology and associated image analysis approaches to validate molecular determinants of breast cancer progression and therapeutic response.

  • Identification of genes and pathways that confer resistance to tamoxifen in breast cancer

The second goal is to identify genes and pathways involved in tamoxifen resistance using both DNA microarray-based gene expression profile analysis and large-scale RNAi screens.


Quantitative and qualitative progress will be monitored regularly, based on the following milestones and deliverables:

  • Meetings
  • Conference involving consortium partners
  • Reporting (Activity and Management reports)
  • Documentation (Publications etc)
  • Website


11 - 15 June 2007
EMBO Practical Course on "Tissue Microarrays and Image Analysis"

27 March 2007
Target-Breast annual report submitted

23 March 2007
Target-Breast Consortium Members Meeting
Consortium members meet to discuss outcomes from Year 1 and planning for Year 2

6 June 2006
EMBO Molecular Medicine Conference in Dublin
Key members of the Target-Breast consortium present to over 100 research scientists and clinician from all over Europe.

5 June 2006
Target-Breast Consortium Members Dublin Meeting
Consortium Members meet to coordinate plans for a year of targeted and intelligent experimentation!

13 Feb 2006
Signing Accession to the Marie Curie Contract
Consortium members mark the commencement of work on project milestones by the signing of accessions to the Marie Curie project contract.


Conway Institute
Prof. William Gallagher, Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.

Dr Rene Bernard, Vereniging Het Nederlands Kankerinstituut Plesmanlaan 121, Amsterdam. Netherlands.

Lund University
Prof Goran Landberg, Division of Pathology, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Lund University, Malmo University Hospital, Malmo, Sweden.

Agendia BV
Dr. Laura van 't Veer. Louesweg 6, Amsterdam,1066 EC, Netherlands.

SlidePath Ltd
Donal O'Shea CEO, SlidePath Ltd, Invent, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland.
F:+353-1 700-7555

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For further information about the consortium contact:

Prof. William Gallagher, Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland. T:+353-1-7166743 F:+353-1-2837211 Web

For information pertaining to this website contact:

Dr. Sean Costello, SlidePath Ltd, Invent, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland. T:+353 1 700 7576 F:+353 1 700 7555 Web