May 2017: OncoMark looking for an applicant for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Enterprise Fellowship

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Expression of Interest – Applicant for a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Enterprise Fellowship


Call to Action

OncoMark are actively looking for talented researchers to apply for a Marie Curie Individual Fellowships under the MSCA Enterprise Call.

We would welcome researchers and / or research proposals for a number of different projects.

Project 1. A Researcher with a life sciences background in one of several areas of cancer research of interest to OncoMark including breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma to work on the OncoMark pipeline.

Project 2. A Researcher with a social science / humanities background to work in the area of risk perception in breast cancer patients.

Prognostic tests such as OncoMasTR aim to determine the risk of recurrence for early-stage breast cancer patients which will aid clinicians in determining the best treatment options. However, large numbers of breast cancer patients over-estimate their risk of recurrence. There is a need to understand how patients perceive this risk of recurrence and how best to present the information from prognostic diagnostic tests such as OncoMasTR. Accurate risk perception will empower the patient and enable informed decision-making regarding treatment options. Improving the communication and meaning of risk will address the concerns of the patient and lead to less anxiety and stress for the patient. 


Project 3. A Researcher with a software development background to develop and implement a risk perception tool for breast cancer patients.


About OncoMark

OncoMark is an Irish DIAGNOSTICS company (SME) focused on the development of novel panels of cancer biomarkers to aid treatment decisions and allow more tailored patient management, ultimately improving the quality of life for cancer patients.

OncoMark specialise in several technologies: gene and protein expression analysis in FFPE tissues (strong focus on qRT-PCR), automated IHC, fabrication and analysis of tissue microarrays (TMAs), digital image analysis and digital slide scanning. 

OncoMark are currently developing a novel prognostic assay for early stage breast cancer, termed OncoMasTR, which has the potential to transform clinical practice and patient care. This multi-biomarker panel will determine the risk of recurrence for early stage breast cancer patients as either high or low risk. This assay will aid clinicians to determine the best treatment options for their patients. This product is currently in the clinical validation phase.

The OncoMark offices and laboratory are based at NovaUCD, which is a Technology Transfer and Innovation Centre at University College Dublin, Ireland (

For more information on OncoMark, please visit


Career Development in OncoMark

OncoMark would be an ideal place for a Fellow who wishes to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The Fellow will be afforded the opportunity to develop competencies relevant to employment outside of academia. OncoMark are currently establishing and implementing a company-wide quality management systems (QMS). Working at OncoMark's facility will provide the Fellow with invaluable commercial experience working within an ISO 13485:2016 controlled work environment.

The Fellow will be encouraged to publish papers and present at national and international conferences.

The strength of OncoMark lies in the quality of its personnel. The OncoMark staff have a wide range of expertise, from Product Development and Quality Assurance / Regulatory Affairs to Marketing and Biostatistics. These staff members will be directly involved in the mentorship of the Fellow to provide support, advice and guidance.

A number of personal and professional development opportunities are available in UCD that enable the acquisition of transferable skills, useful in both industry and academia. UCD has a comprehensive Career Development Programme that provides training opportunities for post-doctoral researchers. There is a dedicated team who provide support and high-quality training.

OncoMark also have a history of training researchers. They are currently a partner in MEL-PLEX which is a H2020 Marie-Sklowdowska Curie Innovative Training Network with the aim of training researchers that can navigate confidently between clinical, academic and private sector research environments (



Potential applicants should be an Experienced Researcher (PhD, or more than 4 years' relevant research experience).

Researchers must also comply with the MSCA Mobility Rule - the applicant must not have not carried out research in Ireland for more than 12 months in the last three years.


Contact Us

Applicants should send a CV, letter of motivation and a proposed project outline (optional) to the OncoMark Scientific Project Manager, Amy Harrington ( by 16th June 2017. The submission deadline for the MSCA Enterprise Call is the 14th September 2017.


For more information on this call please see: