Work Packages

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There are three workpackages in the Target Melanoma project.

Workpackage 1: We will employ new state-of-the-art epigenomic technologies to identify the complete DNA hypermethylome of melanoma tumour cells and tissues. This includes high-throughput MeDIP-on-Chip and Illumina system to be performed. We will also use in-depth bioinfomatic analysis of existing array data to identify potentially methylated genes.

Workpackage 2: Here we will examine the physiological relevance of potential biomarkers using TMA technology, and to develop automated approaches to accurately evaluate these TMAs. Firstly we will prepare TMAs for the available melanoma samples and perform immuno-histochemistry on these for key markers. Secondly we will develop and apply automated image analysis approaches to stained TMAs. 

Workpackage 3: In this work package, the main aim is to develop an in vitro micro-fluidic capillary which can mimic the human capillary blood system, for use in oncological research. Specifically, we aim to create an assay which follows tumour cell escape from of the blood system into other organs - a process called extravasation. As metastasis is enabled by the blood system, this is a key technological development in monitoring this process.