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AngioTox is an EU FP7-funded IAPP project integrating expertise in biomarker discovery, histopathology, multi-modality in vivo imaging and automated image analysis. 

We are engaging a combined in vivo modelling and digital histopathology approach to comprehensively describe a new AngioTox Safety Panel of toxicologic markers. We are also developing automated image analysis algorithms to enable quantification of morphological markers of angiogenesis inhibitor toxicity, and will undertake molecular profiling and ex-vivo studies to gain insight into mechanistic pathways. Findings from animal study tissue analyses are cross-correlated with clinical data from trials available to the consortium.

The ultimate goal is to establish a predictive panel of markers for toxicity. Findings from the AngioTox programme will be directly utilised by academic, clinical and industry-based investigators to facilitate improved screening of angiogenesis inhibitor toxicologic parameters, inform clinical drug dosing regimens, facilitate the development of more specific and potent angiogenesis inhibitors, and significantly improve patient care.


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