Current and Future Funding

OncoMark’s current funding requirements are met by a mix of EU Grants and Investor funding.  OncoMark was awarded €2.7 million by the European Commission through the SME Instrument Phase 2. The successful grant application, to clinically validate the OncoMasTR test, ranked 1st in this category in Europe, recognising the enormous potential of the OncoMasTR test to improve the care of breast cancer patients.

We have also secured €2.1 million in funding from Investor groups, including Kernel Capital (through the Bank of Ireland Kernel Capital Venture Funds), the Irrus Investments Syndicate, the Galway HBAN MedTech syndicate, private investors and Enterprise Ireland. This funding will allow the translation of the test from clinical validation to regulatory approval and full commercialisation. OncoMark’s Investor partners have very successful track records in Medical Technology and Diagnostic start-up investments.