Prior to 2016, OncoMark was funded exclusively by Framework 7 EU collaborative Research Grants. This enabled the company to carry out ground-breaking research in collaboration with Partners and Institutes across the EU in a wide range of human cancers. These funded projects included Target Melanoma, SYS-MEL and MEL-PLEX (Melanoma), APO-DECIDE (Colorectal Cancer), FAST-PATH (Prostate Cancer), AngioPredict (Colorectal Cancer), Angiotox (Cancer drug toxicity), and RATHER (Breast Cancer). This work, and the subsequent outputs and publications established OncoMark as a significant contributor to cancer research in the EU.

The original research that resulted in the identification of the Breast Cancer prognostic panel (OncoMasTR) was led by Professor Adrian Bracken, Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin and researchers at the UCD Conway Institute, led by Professor William Gallagher. Subsequently, the OncoMasTR Technology was exclusively licenced by both universities to OncoMark.

OncoMark was acquired in March 2021 by another company. The company intends to commercialize OncoMark’s lead product, the OncoMasTR assay in the next 6-12 months.