OncoMark has an active Research & Development programme designed to feed new innovative products into our pipeline.


OncoMasTR signature for other human cancers

The application of the OncoMasTR signature to a number of human cancers has been evaluated through analysis of publicly available transcriptomic datasets and this has revealed significant prognostic capability for the OncoMasTR panel. The human cancers evaluated include colorectal, prostate, bladder, melanoma and multiple myeloma.  The OncoMasTR patent contains claims for application of the OncoMasTR panel in all major human cancers.


OncoMasTR signature as a predictive biomarker for benefit from chemotherapy or extended endocrine therapy

Tailoring treatment for breast cancer patients involves not only to identify patients who are at high risk of recurrence, but also to predict whether these patients will benefit from the chemotherapy treatment. Furthermore, the high number of recurrences occurring after the standard 5-year adjuvant endocrine treatment suggested that extended period of endocrine therapy could further improve outcome. OncoMasTR Test has proven significant prognostic value for late recurrence (5 to 10 years) in its clinical validation study [1] and therefore has great potential to assist in identifying those who may benefit from extended endocrine treatment. OncoMark is actively working on pipeline projects to demonstrate the predictive utility of OncoMasTR signature via statistical analyses and clinical performance evaluation studies.


Breast Cancer prognosis in pre-menopausal women 

While breast cancer in older women is clearly much more common, around 7% of the women diagnosed with breast cancer are under 40, when most women are still premenopausal. This population of young patients face a large number of unique challenges and long-term side effects from chemotherapy due to their age including infertility and early menopause, as well as the emergence of secondary malignancies over time due to their potential for extended survivorship. To this significant unmet clinical need, OncoMark aims to develop an optimised prognostic test for premenopausal patients to spare young patients from needless aggressive chemotherapy.




[1] Sestak I. et al. Evaluation of OncoMasTR prognostic signature in postmenopausal women with ER-positive breast cancer. Proceedings from American Society of Clinical Oncology, 2018. Poster presentation. Abstract 553