September 2017: OncoMark attend ESMO

OncoMark to attend the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2017 Congress

OncoMark will be attending the European Society of Medical Oncology 2017 Congress in Madrid, Spain, from the 8th-12th September. Mr. Des O’Leary (CEO), Prof. Liam Gallagher (CSO), and Mr. Stephen Barron (Senior Biostatistician) will be attending this Congress and will present a poster entitled “OncoMasTR: Prognostic Value of Master Transcriptional Regulators (MTRs) in Early Stage Breast Cancer”. The poster presentation will be held on Monday 11th September, with a dedicated viewing from 13:15-14:15.

Please visit this poster to hear more about OncoMasTR and to engage with the OncoMark team who are interested to speak with:

  • Scientific and clinical research groups who share our vision to improve cancer outcomes by developing highly accurate tests that deliver value to patients and clinicians
  • Technology companies to partner on the development and commercialisation of OncoMasTR
  • Distribution / Clinical Laboratories to partner to make this high value test available to a global customer base.

Contact details during ESMO:  Phone 00353-(0)87-7503333 &