September 2017: Testing of TransATAC cohort

OncoMark initiate testing of TransATAC cohort

OncoMark have initiated clinical validation of the OncoMasTR test using tumour samples from the TransATAC Tissue Resource.

These samples are held in the custodianship of the Royal Marsden Hospital with whom OncoMark have signed a collaborative agreement. The TransATAC Tissue Resource is comprised of tumour samples collected for the ATAC trial. The ATAC trial is a randomised controlled clinical trial that compares the safety and efficacy of anastrozole alone, tamoxifen alone or in combination in post-menopausal women with early-stage, hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.

OncoMasTR is a novel breast cancer prognostic assay to predict the risk of distant recurrence for early stage breast cancer patients and help clinicians to decide the best treatment options for individual patients.

Access to the extensive sample set of tumour samples from this cohort enables OncoMark to finalise clinical validation of their OncoMasTR assay in preparation for launch in 2018.