Technology Partners

OncoMark have selected ThermoFisher as technology partner for the OncoMasTR test. The partnership provides OncoMark access to a secure supply of state of the art reagents based on our proprietary designs.  Additionally, the test will be developed and initially validated on the AB7500Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument but is designed to be transferrable to other platforms from ThermoFisher or other instrument manufacturers.

OncoMark have selected BlueBridge Technologies as a partner to develop a software platform for the OncoMasTR test. This platform will display the OncoMasTR test results as a clear and concise risk score and risk classification through a graphical user interface accessible to the clinician.

If you wish to learn more about partnering with us on the development and commercialisation of the OncoMasTR and pipeline tests, please contact us directly.